Hello dearest G.A.G.lings!

Whoa, G.A.G. has four board members?! I know right. After 36 three-headed boards, the G.A.G. have expanded its horizon by adding a fourth board member this year, and guess what? I am the lucky one to fulfil that position and call myself vice-chairman of the XXXVIIth board!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Evelien, I am twenty years old and a second-year English Language and Culture student. My hobbies include making classical music, going for the occasional run and petting dogs. I found my love for G.A.G. last year due to my participation in three committees and my presence during most of the Open Rooms and activities.

As your vice-chairman, I will be keeping track of most of the committees. I will help them out whenever I can, so if you are a committee member that is under my watch, do not hesitate to contact me! Furthermore, I am the head of the PR Committee, so I am in charge when it comes to posters, banners, Facebook events and everything else that has to do with the promotion of activities.

I am looking forward to an astonishing year with my fellow board members and I hope to be at your
service as best as I can!

Lots of lobi,
Evelien Müller
Vice-chairman of the XXXVIIth board