Hello everyone!

My name is Anne and I am the treasurer of the XXXVIIth Board of G.A.G. I grew up around the beautiful city of Nijmegen; in Nijmegen-Noord to be specific, and have always loved it. I also love all sorts of music, acting, hanging out with my friends, and I have a special passion for musicals. If you ever want to talk about Next to Normal, Bonnie&Clyde, Newsies, or just want to know what all those names mean, hit me up. I will give you lengthy, but very enthusiastic explanations.

When I’m not doing money things for G.A.G. or talking people’s heads off about musicals, I’m most likely working. Because I’m currently not studying, I’m working quite a lot of hours in the city centre in a well-known department store. You are always welcome to come say hi to me there.

Anne van Bruggen
Treasurer of the XXXVIIth board