Travel Committee

Hello there all you GAGgers!

When stumbling upon this page you must have thought, ‘Oh my, a travel committee? How exciting!’ – and indeed it is. You have come to the correct page in your search for adventure, exploration and the mysterious, and you will be provided with these when taking part in the annual study trip, with courtesy of Anna, Anne Dien, Marloes, Ramadan, Anne and Madelon: this year’s Travel Committee.

What we have in store for you are a couple of thrilling months leading up to the point of your year where you have been waiting for: the study trip. This year we will take you to the land of Guinness, Oscar Wilde, Yeats, U2, Molly Malone and potatoes – the land that will fill your precious heart with green, white and orange – the land of the proud, the flirtatious, the friendly – the land of the cliffs, castles and beautiful nature – do I need to say more??! If you’ve come this far and think ‘Where do I sign up??’ – not so fast lads and lasses! We start out with a first ‘Info Avond’ and when we have hyped you up enough you can apply for the trip to Ireland – if you’re fast enough! But, no need to fear, we will notify you on time about where and when you can sign up.

Don’t forget to become a member of G.A.G. if you haven’t done so already, and ensure that you can come along with sunglasses, umbrellas, hoodies and other goodies because you sure don’t want to miss it! We can’t wait to see all your gorgeous faces on the ‘Info Avond’ and eventually on our way to the wonders of Ireland! As the Irish say it, we’ll have a craic!

Lots of love,
Your Travel Committee of 2017-2018:
Madelon Brouwer (head)
Marloes Abbekerk
Ramadan Hasani
Anne Dien ten Have
Anna Zweers