XXXVIth Board

Dear everybody,

We are the three-headed dragon that will lead G.A.G. to victory in the battle that is life. During this battle, we hope to supply our members with events, love and more.

The seat of chairman is taken by Joey Slijpen. He takes the lead in the vanguard during this year’s journey to lobi. This not-so-young man also leads the meetings and keeps the overview in the within G.A.G..

What is a chairman without a right hand? This right hand is Ilse Peeters. Communication is of the essence and essence is what she will bring. She takes care of all communication and takes the minutes of all the meetings.

A three-headed dragon requires three heads. The last head is the money lord Allison. Money makes the world go round and we like to move the world. Budgets, sponsors and more money business is this woman’s territory.


The XXXVIth board