The XXXVIIth Board

Hello lovely members,

We’re G.A.G.’s XXXVIIth board, consisting of four people, no less! This year, it’s our responsibility to make sure everything runs smoothly and that the study association flourishes all year round. Our board year also revolves around several types of reform, including a fourth board member and two brand new committees.

Your chairman this year is Vincent Wijnhoven, our full-bearded jolly Brabantine. Next to being the face of the study association, he’s also the man with the hammer, which he’ll use most often to make sure everyone remains silent during our meetings.

Allysha Humphrey is your secretary, making the minutes of all meetings, e-mailing around and ensuring you’re all informed about all of G.A.G.’s upcoming activities by means of managing the G.A.G.enda. She also administers the website, LinkedIn page and Instagram page. You could say she’s a real social media fanatic!

Your treasurer this year is Anne van Bruggen, keeping track of G.A.G.’s in- and outcoming funding. It’s her job to make sure you all have the fanciest merchandise made available to you and manage sponsoring contracts. Money is, after all, what makes the world go round!

Last but not least, filling up the spot of the brand-new fourth function of vice-chairman is Evelien Müller. She knows everything that is going on in virtually every committee G.A.G. has. Next to that, she is the head of the PR-committee, ensuring you all receive the finest posters and banners for all activities.

If you ever need one of us, make sure to come by in one of our members’ hours. You can also contact us via the contact-page on the website.

Lots of love,

The XXXVIIth board