The XXXIVth Board

Dear all,

On September 3th 2014, the XXXIVth board, comprised of Melanie de Bruijn, Anouska Kersten, and Miranda Bakkers, set out to continue the good doings of the boards before us.

Melanie de Bruijn is this year’s chairwoman. She is the face of the study association and makes sure that the board and committee meetings run smoothly.

Anouska Kersten is the XXXIVth secretary. She is concerned with all incoming and outgoing emails and takes the minutes of all meetings.

Miranda Bakkers is the 2014-2015’s most awesome treasurer. She is in charge of the association’s money, makes the budgets, and finds sponsors.

We are looking forward to making this year as epic as can possibly be!

Tiet zat, kont goed!

Anouska – Melanie – Miranda