The XXXIIIrd Board

Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers (G.A.G.) is a student association for and by the students of English which organises parties, academic activities, trips, and much more. It is run and held together by the board. The XXXIII board of the Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers consists of three board members: the chairman, the secretary, and the treasurer.

This year’s lord of chairs, or chairman, is Tim Renes. Aching to lead the association to further greatness and take care of its members, who he lovingly calls “gobblers”, among other terms, he leads the committee meetings and oversees all machinations within and surrounding G.A.G.

Your lady of scripture, or secretary, this year goes by the charming name of Michelle Everard. Ready to take care of meeting notes and to keep her punk chairman in line through a variety of means, she takes care of all communications within and between G.A.G. and the realms beyond the association itself.

Finally, your lady of coin, whose name graces the halls with unending starlight: Esther Rensen, the treasurer. With a strong sense of responsibility and a strict policy on receipts, she takes care of G.A.G.’s financial business.

Thus the XXXIII board of G.A.G. rises to the challenge. May the fiery will of the Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers fuel our actions and set our hearts ablaze!

Tim, Michelle, and Esther