The Vice-Chair

Hey everybody!

My name is Jan Bart and I am the vice-chair of the XLth board. This means that I am the first person to go to if you have any questions on committee’s and internal affairs.  Furthermore, I am in charge of our G.A.G. Discord server, and as such you will commonly find me posting dumb memes there. (^:p

I am currently in my third year and hope to keep the plates that are my study spinning as I walk the tightrope of a board year.  Regardless, I hope to uphold my (general) positive attitude, knowing full well that my head is going to be even more of a Swiss cheese then usual (apologies in advance if I get your name wrong). 

Although sadly I will most likely not be present on campus much due to the big ‘Rona, feel free to approach me if you see me online on discord, as I am pretty much always down to be distracted from schoolwork. Lastly, you can pretty much always expect to find me in the Open Room, talking nonsense and devouring biscuits.

I hope to see you all online and in person!

If you need to contact me at any point you can reach me on


Jan Bart