The Treasurer

Hello everyone!

My name is Jasper, and I am the treasurer of G.A.G.’s XLth board. This means that I’ll be in charge of all of G.A.G.’s financial matters this year. If you need to pay G.A.G. some money (such as for G.A.G. merchandise, like those lovely keychains!), or if G.A.G. needs to pay you some money, I’m the one to talk to. 

    In addition to my role as treasurer, as well as a job as student assistant for OCS and ACS, I’m also a third-year student of English Language & Culture. For some reason I decided to pick the minor Data & Society; if over the course of this year you find me in a corner somewhere, weeping about statistics: don’t worry, that’s normal.

    If, over the course of this year, you need someone to talk to about such divers topics as D&D, syntax, or wonderful G.A.G. merchandise (seriously, we have so many keychains), don’t hesitate to look me up! You can probably find me in the open room on Tuesday, and definitely find me in the open room on Thursday. I’m not going to be on campus much for the forseeable future, so if you want to talk to me in person, please let me know some time beforehand. Of course, you can always contact me via the email, which I check more frequently than is probably healthy.

That’s all from me; I hope to see plenty of all of you this year!