The Secretary

Hey hey everyone!

My name’s Hidde and I’m the secretary of the XLth board of this wonderful association! I’m the one in charge of all sorts of communcation, ranging from emails and mail to carrier pigeons and smoke signals if necessary. I’m also in charge of the association’s administration as well as the associations instagram and the very website you’re on right now!

I’m a third year student, just like the rest of the board, nothing special there. While covid makes the delicate balancing act of doing a board year and studying far more of a risky endeavour than anything else I could’ve imagined (except maybe for adding fire to the mix), but I’ll do my best to survive this year and do so with some grace, hopefully. I also hope I’ll be able to see you in real life again before our board year’s run its course, but for as long as that remains uncertain, I hope to see you online!

If, at any point, you happen to have questions about the association and/or its inner workings or just want to chat about whatever topics spring to mind, you can always find me on discord and on instagram, or just send me an e-mail at! If it’s food, a hot drink, and/or a blanket you need, feel free to ring me up for that as well; my kitchen’s door is always open!

That’s all for now, though!