I am Evelien Smeets, the treasurer of the 38th board of the Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers. My job is to make sure that everything finance-related happens smoothly and as quickly as possible. Think of things like managing expenses claims and invoices, and ā€“ of course ā€“ ensuring that everyone pays their dues in time. In addition to the usual treasurer responsibilities, Iā€™m also the assigned board member of some lovely committees!

You can come to me if you have bought something that you believe should be paid for by the association, if you want to order merchandise, if you have pictures of animals you just HAVE to show someone, and if you want to discuss something you trust me with or you feel I could help you with. Of course, you can ask me anything and I will do my best to aid you or at least direct you to someone who knows more on the subject. You can contact me via e-mail:

Many greeting,