The XXXVIIIth Board

Hi there!

We are G.A.G.’s XXXVIIIth Board and we are here to make sure that the Viking ship can stay afloat. We have a no less than fifteen committees to help us do that, but also carry a lot of the weight ourselves. Since the Board consists of three females, we are very proud to follow in the XXXIVth’s footsteps!

Rozemarijn Zwitser is this year’s Chair. She basically oversees everything and makes sure things run smoothly. Not only does she preside the committee meetings, Board meetings and general members meetings, she also takes care of all external contacts. She also provides the association with legal documents and various types of protocols that the association might benefit from.

Esther Veerbeek is the XXXVIIIth’s Secretary. Since social media is her second language, she is in charge of our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. She also takes care of the G.A.G.enda that is shared with all our members, and runs the Chair’s and Treasurer’s diaries. She is also the one to provide for the minutes during and after every meeting and is the main contact for all our members. If you want to become a member, you can contact her!

Evelien Smeets is the Treasurer this year. Everything that has something or other to do with money will be run by her first. She oversees committees for which this is relevant, such as the Travel committee, Weekend committee and Prom committee, to name a few. She is also responsible for the association’s financial archive and therefore deals with topics ranging from membership registration to the Kamer van Koophandel.

You are also free to come see us during our member hours. We open our Board Room most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13-16h.

Lots of love,

The Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers’ XXXVIIIth Board