The Treasurer

Hey everyone!

My name is Channa Bos and I am the treasurer of the XXXIXth board. This year, all the important Tikkie’s you’ll get will come from me, and if you’re lucky and show me some receipts, I’ll even grant you money as well ;).

I’m a second-year student at the moment, which means I’m trying to juggle my board year with my social life, my love life, a job at the Jumbo AND both first and second-year courses, since I can’t decide on what I’m doing with my life, resulting in the absolute biggest mess of a student room (+head) you could ever possibly encounter. 

So if you ever need someone who’s doing worse than you, but still somehow has (most of it) together, to cheer you up, come say hi! I’ll provide you with hugs, merchandise (get yourself a jumper! A cool keychain! Mugs! Save the bees!) and if you ask nicely, maybe even wine, because that’s what mama Channa is here for.

You can always contact me via my email: