Pubquiz Committee

Hi! We’re this year’s pub quiz committee and we’re all very excited to test your knowledge! Please come and join us in one of the 4 quizzes during the year, whilst on the study trip or during the intro. We hand out 6 a-ma-zing prices every time, but you should aim to win the trophy! We’ll try our hardest to put your minds to the test every time, but please don’t be scared off by that; since the pub quizzes are hosted in our beloved pub (duh), you can enjoy a drink (or 2, 30, 50) whilst struggling to find the answers together with your friends.

We hope to see you around!

The Pub Quiz Committee
Esther Veerbeek (Head)
Mira Raeven (Head)
Anne-Dien ten Have
Jari Immerzeel
Eva-Britt Rongen
Wouter de Rooij
Rozemarijn Zwitser