PR Committee

Hello there!

A few days ago, I was seated in the Refter and I overheard a conversation between two G.A.G. members:

“I must say, you have somewhat of a familiar face… did I perhaps see you during one of G.A.G.’s activities?”

“Probably, because those are usually pretty crowded due to the awesome promotion material the PRCo delivers!”*

All jokes aside: we are the PR Committee and our job is to make posters and facebook banners for all the G.A.G. activities, in order to make our members aware of the upcoming activities! We are thus masters of photoshop… hehe. Although you might not see us in the flesh that often, behind our computers we fulfill a very important job, so beware.

We hope to be at your service the upcoming year. Any questions? E-mail Are you a committee member who needs a poster? Fill out this google form to submit your request:

Lots of love,

The PR Committee
Evelien Müller (head)
Sèfie Bekkers
Ramadan Hasani
Beau Kremers
Julia Kruse
Lorin Posthumus
Eva-Britt Rongen
* dramatic reenactment of something that did not actually happen