Party Committee

My name is Colleen Kars, and I am head of the party committee (FeestCo). The committee members are Dimphy van Genderen, Veerle Kruitbosch, Joris Schröder, Thomas Janssen and Laura van der Kloet. Our mission is to host the best parties in the universe, with lots of lovely G.A.G.-lings, nice costumes and good music (and lots of beer of course).

This year we will host a lot of nice parties, like the Rainbow party, Harry Potter party and the Pitcher party.There will also be a pub crawl and of course the famous Anglo-American Summerfest.

The party committee invites you to all our great events, and we hope you are just as excited as we


Colleen Kars (head)
Dimphy van Genderen
Thomas Janssen
Laura van der Kloet
Veerle Kruitbosch
Joris Schröder