GAG_MAG Committee

We at the GAG_MAG aim to provide some informative fun every period for our members. Every MAG has a theme, and we will write articles about that. Past themes have been ‘music’, ‘books’, ‘Christmas’ and last year we even had a ‘foute MAG.’ Some articles might provide useful information about its subject, others can be pure shenanigans. We also always have room for an article about a student who is studying abroad, horoscopes, an agony aunt and a ‘doorgeefverhaal.’ In the end we hope the GAG_MAG can alleviate some of the stress and worries that come along with exams and deadlines. So, whenever your studies seem to overwhelm you, just pick up the GAG_MAG!

Thomas Janssen (head)
Lotte de Bitter
Kyllian Franken
Lorin Posthumus
Ricardo Reitsma
Wouter de Rooij
Evelien Smeets
Esther Veerbeek
Maaike van de Ven
Rozemarijn Zwitser