Yearbook Committee

Flamey-O, hotman!

It is with the greatest honour that we, the Yearbook committee, will cover all of the historic events that shall be hosted by G.A.G., and immortalise them in the history books. Scratch that: we will cover it all — not just the events, but the quotes and committees too. Something happens, we talk about it; so be careful, or Momo might just put you on the first page of the quotes section. All in all, we aim to present to you, dear G.A.G. member, a beautiful yearbook to commemorate 2021-2022.


Yip yip!


‘The Gaang’

Madelief Bakker – Katara

Nena Boelens – Toph

Sam Gidding – Aang

Bart Kengen (head) – Momo