Weekend Committee

Hey everyone,

I am happy to report that this year the Weekend Committee has formed once again! Bart, Hidde, Jasper, Laras and me (Jan Bart) have joined forces to set up that Wicked Weekend of games, snacks, competition, and good old Dutch ‘Gezelligheid’. Despite the weekend not taking place the last 2 years, we will nonetheless put in great effort to make one happen this year. While we cannot make a guarantee we certainly hope everyone will be enthusiastic nonetheless.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the Member’s Weekend: Back in the olden days, ‘fore the great covid-panini held the world in its toasted sandwhichy grasp, G.A.G. would organise a yearly event during which their members would be invited to join them for a weekend away together. During this weekend, unlimited drinks and snacks would be offered, and you would get opportunity to hang with all your fellow GAGees. Furthermore, during the weekend members would be divided into teams to compete for a prize in a series of fun games and other events. Should all of this sound appealing to you, then I would like to wholeheartedly invite you to join us this year!


The WeekendCo