Travel Committee

Hello everyone!

We are the Travel Committee, and we’ll be the ones responsible for this year’s study trip. Every year during the May break, G.A.G. visits one of the nations in the United Kingdom (or Ireland); the trip is usually filled with all manner of fun and educational activities centred around British or Irish culture.

The last two trips went to Brighton (2018) and Edinburgh (2019) and were a lot of fun; sadly, the 2020 trip to Cardiff had to be cancelled for familiar reasons, and the 20-21 TravelCo hosted online activities, as an actual trip was unfortunately not possible.

As this year’s TravelCo, we’re optimistic and full of enthusiasm for the upcoming trip. We will do our level best to make it a success. The destination is going to remain a mystery for now, but we can guarantee that it is going to be a blast no matter where we’re going!

Keep an eye out for the announcements of the info nights and the sign-up period. We hope to see a lot of you abroad!

Slán go fóill,

the TravelCo:

Roel Veenstra (head)

Nina Oosterink (secretary)

Stella Kuipers

Evy van Mil

Jasper Pesch