Study Committee

Hey everyone!

We are Laura and Ruben, your study committee for this year. The Study Committee organises study sessions (StuCos) for the courses of English Language and Culture. During these study sessions another student, who already passed the course, will summarise the period, highlight the important parts for the exam and answer any leftover questions.

We will publish a poll at the end of each period so you can vote for the courses you would like to have study session for. The Study Committee then tries to organise study sessions for the courses that received the most votes. The StuCos are organised together with USA Nijmegen for the courses that we share with American Studies.

The Study Committee has been using Discord more extensively since the corona crisis, so you can always ask your questions there and we invite everyone to help each other out if you can answer a question yourself!

If you have any questions for us or are you interested in helping us out by hosting a study session? Then please get in touch! You can reach us at, or approach us in person/via text.


Best wishes,

Ruben Doorenbos (head)
Laura Simons
Study Committee 2021-2022