Party Committee

What’s up party G.A.G.ers!

We are very excited to introduce ourselves as this year’s official party committee. The party committee has been away for a while, but now we are back and ready for business baby! This year’s party committee will provide you with 5 fun parties among which are the halloween party, the Anglo-American Summer Fest, two themed parties and of course the well-known and amazingly fun winter formal! We will do our absolute best to organise amazing parties to get your dancing on, meet friends and create memories we will all never forget. We hope you are all just as excited about all these events as we are and we cannot wait to see all of you at the parties this year!

To keep track of all dates and times for the events you can check the G.A.G.enda as well as your Facebook. Each party will have its own Facebook event which will tell you the date, time and place of each party!

We look forward to seeing all of you this year!

Lots of love,

your Party Committee,

Rozemarijn (head)