Lustrum Committee

Hi everyone!

We are the Lustrum Committee. Now I hear you wondering, what is a lustrum? Let me explain! A lustrum is a year (once every five years) where a study association celebrates their birthday. And in 2022 it is G.A.G.’s 40th birthday, which means it is time for a celebration! We will be responsible for one of the biggest parties G.A.G. has seen over the last five years and we are very excited to get started! What can you expect this one-year-long party to look like? Well, we were thinking of a Great British Bake Off, a pub quiz, a Lustrumgala, making a special G.A.G. beer, etc. And since our main theme is the United Kingdom, we thought it was fitting to pose as one of the U.K.’s biggest boybands! So, here we are from left to right with our favourite 1D songs:

Bas Nitsch                       Does not know any songs but we will make sure he is educated on the topic before 2022

Joost de Lange Drag Me Down

Saskia de Wit                 Temporary Fix

Robin Oor                       Live While We’re Young

See you all in 2022!