Career Committee

Imagine this: you are at the birthday party of your fourth cousin, which is an infamous Dutch “kringfeestje” which means you all sit in a circle and congratulate everyone present with the birthday of their relative/friend/acquaintance. “So, what did you study again?” someone asks you. “English Language and Culture!” you respond enthusiastically. After a short silence, they let out a nervous chuckle and say: “English? So you’ll become a teacher?” In this moment, you realise that the job perspective of English Language and Culture is very vague – not only for others, but also for you. Now this is where the CareerCo jumps in. Our mission is to enlighten the students of English Language and Culture about their job prospects and help them the best we can to find a career. Our activities can range from LinkedIn or Curricum Vitae workshops to an Alumni Night and everything in between.

We hope to see you at one of our activities this year! For input, questions or anything else, you can contact Evelien Müller (as I am practically the only one in this committee which is quite sad, so I will take all the help I can get). The email address is 

Evelien (head)
Esther (administrative support)