Activities Committee

Dear G.A.G.ers,

This year, the Activity and Party Committee have merged once again! In the unlucky times of Corona and, hopefully, the post-Corona times that are yet to come, the four of us will provide you with fun activities and parties!
Our activities and will range from educational to not related to our studies at all. We hope to organise as much fun offline activities as we can, but will try to come up with alternatives (that are just as fun) if Covid-19 spoils it once again… We are planning on organising the traditional G.A.G. activities and parties, such as the student-teacher High Tea and the Anglo-American Summer Fest, but also many more new ones!

We are hoping to engage everyone, new members, the old guard, and all peeps in between, in another year of G.A.G.!

We hope you are just as excited as you are, see you soon (whether this be on a screen or in real-life)! Make sure to join the G.A.G. Discord (link is in the Fortknight) and to follow G.A.G. on social media to never miss a party or activity 😊

Lots of love,
Your Activity and Party Committee
Sarah (co-head)
Femke (co-head)