Hi folks,

My name is Vincent Wijnhoven and I am the chairman of G.A.G.’s XXXVIIth board. The face of the study association as it were. If you should be happy about that is up to you. If you frequent our CV’s and AlV’s I’m your guy, always making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone shuts up when it’s required. It’s my fourth year already at our lovely university and sadly my bachelor diploma is still something of the future. Besides G.A.G. ad studying I spend my time on stage making some great folk music. Well.. I think it’s great…. I don’t know… you be the judge of that. On Friday I usually leave Nijmegen and return to my hometown Hilvarenbeek where I am still a scout and a semi-professional drinker of beer. A sport which I also exercise in Nijmegen of course. It’s also the only sport I ever partake in.

If you ever need me you can always visit our “open kamers”. I’m the guy with the messy beard sighing behind a big cup of coffee.

Lots of love,